Mindset Training, with a twist.

Mental Performance Training while you stretch.

What We Do

What is Mindset On Mobility?


Manage your mind.

Optimize your time.

Chase down your dreams.

Research-based mindset training that is designed around a stretching/mobility practice. Whether you want to be your best, or the best – you need to work on your mental skills. Your mind can be your greatest asset, or biggest liability.


What people are saying

Teresa Rose
Teresa Rose
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I absolutely loved Mindset on Mobility’s Mindfulness Series! This was the first time I had completed a mindfulness program and it was just what I needed. Initially I signed up because I wanted to feel more present in my busy day to day life. Almost immediately, I noticed a positive difference. I felt like I had more clarity, and it gave me the opportunity to wind down and really “declutter” my mind. I was able to focus for longer periods of time instead of thinking about the next task ahead. The content within the program is well researched and informative. I would 100% recommend it to anyone!
Lisa Ann
Lisa Ann
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I love that I get to work on my mobility and mindset at the same time. The information Megan provides is helpful and tangible - I have absolutely been able to use the mindset strategies from the sessions in the gym and in life. Every minute here is time well spent! Highly recommended!!! 😊
Stacey M
Stacey M
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I've tried a few mobility courses and this is by far the best and most comprehensive. After a few weeks of consistent practice I'm already noticing a difference in my flexibility and range of motion. The psychology part is amazing and applicable to all aspects of life.
April Marie
April Marie
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Loving everything about this course! As someone who has been living with a back injury, I find these stretches perfect for improving and maintaining my mobility. I find the mindfulness component very beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety and it helps me to stay grounded especially in our current pandemic state. It’s both calming and relaxing which makes it a perfect part of my bedtime routine. My sleep has improved greatly since starting this. Highly recommend!
Andy Schabbs
Andy Schabbs@Andy Schabbs
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Mindset on Mobility is super easy to follow and simplifies the complex topics of Sport Psychology. It lets me get in my mobility AND fit in my mental performance prep at the same time. It has been incredibly useful in helping me understand & improve my mindset when I workout and I would recommend this to anyone looking to get the most out of their workouts or level up in sport.

What is Mental Performance Training?

What's the point, anyway?


For many of us, our own worst critic is interfering with our ability to believe in ourselves, push through pain, or step out of our comfort zone. 

We lack direction without setting goals properly; lack preparation without visualization or distraction control plans. The mind is an incredible tool…if used properly. 

Mental training will help you:


What's your investment?

The Mindfulness Series

$ 49
  • 15 online videos
  • Mindfulness training while you stretch
  • No tools required!

Mindset on Mobility Course

$ 499
  • 16-week mobility and stretching videos
  • Mental Performance Training
  • Over 35 hours of content
  • Weekly email content
  • Email support available
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

Mindset Coaching

$ 100
  • One-on-One
  • Individualized

About Us

Who we are

Canadian Armed Forces members are proud to compete amongst the world's best military athletes at the 7th CISM Military World Games in Wuhan, China on 19 October, 2019.

A hundred and seventy-two athletes, coaches and support staff are competing in nine sports.

Canadian Armed Forces Women's Basketball team play against China during the 7th CISM Military World Games.  The score was 111 - 29 in favor of China.

Photo: Corporal Thomas Lee, OPTIC



My life has been filled with telling friends, “I can’t go, I have to get up early for____ (swim, basketball, volleyball, cross- country, badminton) practice. I understand the commitment, dedication and long hours that it takes to be your best.

Academics are important to me, which is why I completed a Master of Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa, making me a trained Mental Performance Consultant (MPC). 

I am a certified yoga instructor and since 2009, I have completed over 1200 hours of yoga teacher training and workshops.

I spend my days being an officer in the Canadian Armed Forces. 


The model behind the ever-changing beard and videos. If you look hard enough, you can pinpoint when I re-joined the Royal Canadian Navy (smaller beard). Sports and fitness have been a big part of my life, starting from my childhood and continuing into my military career.

In the last four years, I have altered my perspective to take care of my full body – including mental health. While Megan’s knowledge, experience, and education have already influenced my life, I was willing to lend my body to help create this passion project for her.

When I’m not rolling around on the floor making videos, I am probably rolling around the garage floor after working out. I can also be found exploring Kananaskis hiking trails, logging Strava challenges, and reading… but none of this is possible without coffee.



Everything You Need To Know

For our Mindset on Mobility course, you’ll need at least one mobility ball (lacrosse balls work great). We like to use the Yoga Tune Up balls (they come in different sizes). You will also need a foam roller and a strap (or towel). Blocks are also helpful, but you can easily substitute this with a water bottle. 

For The Mindfulness Series, you do not need any tools.

You betcha. This is the closest yoga & mobility class you’ll find! The longest commute will be the time it takes you to walk to your living room.

We are beginner friendly! No previous experience required.  If you want to improve your mental game and be a better person, athlete, partner, parent – then Mindset on Mobility is for you.

The free trial is for The 16-Week Mindset on Mobility course. Those videos include:

  • The importance of sport psychology and mental performance in sports.
  • Breath: How it relates to performance, and how we want you to breathe as you move through the mobility practices.
  • Focus in relation to sport (and life).
  • Introduction to distraction control.
  • Introduction to visualization/imagery and the basics for mental preparation.

These five free videos are merely a snapshot of what you will learn in the 16 weeks, but we hope that they will provide you with a good base of what to expect with your program

All videos last between 15-30 minutes 

Remember, someone busier than you is making time for mobility; it’s about setting priorities. Make mobility, recover and mindset a priority and take the next step to improving your performance.

No worries! Contact us at info@mindsetonmobility.com to set up your free introductory counselling session.

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5 Free Mobility Videos! Topics include:

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5 Free Mindset Videos! Topics include:

Psssst! Although it’s not junk, please check your junk mail folder, as it may end up there.