Oh the places you’ll go.

Flashback to my grade 10 “Life Skills” class and my teacher starts lecturing about self-talk. I don’t remember why, just that he announced to the class: “We all talk to ourselves …all the time”. In my head I caught myself saying, “no, we don’t”.  As I’ve gotten better at becoming aware of my thoughts, I’ve …

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We make habits too!

Now that we’ve talked about habits and provided you some tips to help you improve or keep new habits. Today I’m going to share with you the three small habits that I (Adam) have started to incorporate this year.  Habits don’t have to be big, long, or even over complicated. The three that I have …

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Need help creating new habits?

New YEAR, New ME!  Do people say that anymore? As we move into 2021, most of us will sit down and make our New Year’s Resolutions. The most popular resolution is… drum roll –  …you guessed it! Losing weight, exercising more… (or something along those lines). You may think, “uuummmm with COVID-19, it will be …

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