I did a podcast with my dad, this is what he taught me…

I recently did a “podcast” with my dad. I never plan on releasing it, but I recorded an interview between the two of us. I had about 25 questions that we went through in an hour-and-a-half. One of the things that he said he learned from his parents and his advice to his grandkids, is just to – “get ‘er done”. 
No whining. No excuses. No Procrastination. Take action.
How does one do that?
You take the first step in front of you.
You get out of bed. Put your running shoes on. Turn on your computer. Make a phone call. Sign up for a class.
There is a quote that says, to begin – begin. 
Sometimes we have no idea what we are doing. Or, we’re not good at what we’re doing… it’s a means to an ends. But we do it. No whining. No excuses. No procrastination.
I hope that you can take the same approach with your life. Quit with the excuses and start taking action. Start living your life. Not sure where to start? Try here.
P.S. If you can – interview your parents. It opens up conversations that may never happen naturally.

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’till next time.