Is there a “Best” Time of Day for New Habits?

We are 24 days into January; how are your new habits and resolutions going?

If you’ve been having trouble sticking to your new routine, you may want to ask if you are conducting your habit at the right time of day. 

Is there a good time…or a best time to implement your new habits?

The answer is… sort of. Typically, we want to establish a new habit when our willpower is strongest; this is usually first thing in the morning. As you go throughout your day, your brain is constantly challenged and willpower is “used up” on – not getting mad at Bob from accounting, or ignoring the plate of brownies in the staff room. As the day goes on, it will be easier to convince yourself to skip the gym, eat the chocolate, or watch Netflix.

If your mornings are hectic and chaotic, try getting up before your household. Or, perhaps, you need to build your habit into a time that works better for you.

To answer the question above: Is there a “best time” to implement your new routine? The answer is, yes. Pick a time that works for your schedule and that you can consistently commit to. Ideally when willpower is strongest.  Remember the trick of “stacking”. After I _____ (fill in the blank), I will _____. After I rush the kids out the door for school, I will take 30 seconds to meditate. 

Unfortunately for all of us, we can’t add in anymore time into our day. But we can prioritize our time differently.

Until next week!

Megan and Adam