Learn More Mindfulness

You hit 'send' WAY too fast on an email.
"Sh*t; I shouldn't have sent that".

Regret immediately follows... panic sets in...

What we already know:

Mindfulness is a conscious effort to live non-judgementally, in the present moment, acknowledging thoughts, feelings, and sensations as they arise and accepting them as they are.

 – James Kingsland 

Life is busy!
Workouts, family, work, school…

We understand busy!  

We want to do it all – travel, work, reach our goals, visit with family, take time for ourselves, workout… the list goes on and on… and time is constantly ticking away. 

That’s why we decided to do something about it. 

The Mindfulness Series was designed to SAVE you time. You learn about mindfulness while you’re stretching.


Benefits of Mindfulness Training:

The average drop-in price for a yoga class is $20

The Mindfulness Series costs $29.99.

So, you get 15 videos,$2 per video… pretty good, right?  That’s not even the price of a coffee!😱 

Oh yeah, did we mention that you have lifetime access to the videos? Every time you revisit a video, the cost decreases!

Let’s save you time and money. 

What we offer:

Allow your mind and body to rest and repair in order to take on daily strain.

Help increase body awareness; move more efficiently and pain-free.

Mental Training
Utilize mental skills and mindfulness training that helps you to be your best.

If you have an hour to spend scrolling social media, you have 20 minutes to invest in yourself.

What's in it for you?

Mindfulness is the most powerful way of training your brain. Learning the skill of mindfulness will impact your work, relationships and overall life.

This beginner friendly course is for ANYONE looking to gain a little more awareness and relaxation in their life. 



  • 15 online stretching videos.
  • Over 4 hours of videos; each video is 15-25 minutes.
  • Learn about mindfulness while you stretch.
  • One-time fee; lifetime access.

This video series requires no tools or equipment! 



The series will take you through 15-25 minutes of stretching sequences that focus on upper, lower, and full body movements.


Similar to our Mindset on Mobility course, we want to maximize your time by teaching you while you stretch. In this series, we will focus on mindfulness. 

What People Are Saying:

“Loving everything about this course! As someone who has been living with a back injury, I find these stretches perfect for improving and maintaining my mobility. I find the mindfulness component very beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety and it helps me to stay grounded especially in our current pandemic state. It’s both calming and relaxing which makes it a perfect part of my bedtime routine. My sleep has improved greatly since starting this. Highly recommend!”

April M.

- Nurse

“If you want to increase your focus, be more present in your life or help stop the incessant anxiety and negative thoughts, this course is for you. The Mindfulness program helps me show up better as a parent, partner and a person. It is like yoga, but with no chanting, no energy work, no essential oils. I appreciate the gentle, beginner friendly movements. There is so much value and is VERY affordable for what is offered.”

Erin J.

- New Mom 🙂

“I’ve tried a few mobility courses and this is by far the best and most comprehensive. After a few weeks of consistent practice I’m already noticing a difference in my flexibility and range of motion. The psychology part is amazing and applicable to all aspects of life.”

Stacey M.

- Athlete, Runner

Remember that email you regrettably sent?
With Mindfulness training we learn to pause. To respond. To take a deep breath, before we politely say, "as per my previous e-mail."

About Us

Adam: The model behind the ever-changing beard and videos. If you look hard enough, you can pinpoint when I re-joined the Royal Canadian Navy (smaller beard). Sports and fitness have been a big part of my life, starting from my childhood and continuing into my military career.


Megan: I’m a self-proclaimed head-case. So, I consider myself an expert in managing the psychological aspect of performance. I’ve competed on a world stage and have completed a graduate degree in Mental Performance. Since 2009, I have completed over 1200 hours of yoga teacher training and workshops.



For the Mindfulness Series, you will need ZERO equipment.


The Mindfulness series videos are between 15-25 minutes.

As long as we are around, you’ll have access 🙂 In other words, for LIFE!

You will receive the first video of the series. 

We are beginner friendly! No previous experience required. 

Remember, someone busier than you is finding the time.