Need help creating new habits?

New YEAR, New ME! 

Do people say that anymore?🤔

As we move into 2021, most of us will sit down and make our New Year’s Resolutions.

The most popular resolution is… drum roll –  …you guessed it! Losing weight, exercising more… (or something along those lines).

You may think, “uuummmm with COVID-19, it will be too hard to achieve my goals. I’m going to sit out 2021; 2022 will be my year.” And to that I say… maybe just think that one through before you REALLY commit to giving up on 2021…

First off, let’s remember that the situation does NOT need to be perfect in order for you to see progress.

SOMETHING is better than nothing; small incremental daily changes do make a big difference in the long run. (And remember, you want to play the long-game with your body and your life).

A few tips for creating NEW habits this year (remember, habits will lead you to your resolutions):

1) Stacking 

Or, as some psychologists call it, “hooking.” This idea originally came from BJ Fogg, but was implemented by James Clear. You take a current habit, which is something that you already do, and then stack your new habit on top of it. LIKE a HABIT SANDWICH! Except not a sandwich, because we are creating healthy goals (kidding).

For example: After I make my coffee, I will meditate for 60 seconds.

2) Accountability 

Tell someone about your new habit! When you tell someone, you’re more than likely to do it. Or, get an accountability buddy along for your journey!

Let me give you an example. You tell a friend that you want to meet at the park to go running at 5am.

I know. You’re probably thinking, WHAT KIND OF FRIEND would do such a thing!? But let’s assume that you are a runner and these… running people… they do things like run in -40 degrees and meet at the park at 5am. But let’s not get distracted.

So, you ask your friend to meet you at the park at 5am, and your alarm goes off at 4:30 that morning.

Are you going to leave your friend hanging?

If the answer is yes, you may not have a running partner for long. BUT, chances are, despite your bed being warm, you don’t want to let your friend down. So, you slip out of your warm, cozy bed, into your bright, reflective spandex and head on down to the park.

3) Plan Your Day

Human beings LOVE progress. We love the satisfaction of completing tasks. Set yourself up with a daily planner or “to-do list.” 

People will say things like, “If I feel motivated today, I’ll go to the gym”. NOPE. Not going to happen. You need to PLAN when you are going. 

Most people think they lack motivation, but what they are really lacking is CLARITY. CLEAR plans.

4) Context Matters

You are much more likely to adhere to your goals if you surround yourself with people who value the same thing that you do. 


If you want to learn more about habits, check out our Christmas Day Mobility class on Facebook or Instagram. It is a 50 min class targeting hips and hamstrings.

If you want to share your goals with someone but you’ve left too many friends alone at the park at 5am – TELL US your plans!! 


Megan and Adam