Oh the places you’ll go.

Flashback to my grade 10 “Life Skills” class and my teacher starts lecturing about self-talk. I don’t remember why, just that he announced to the class: “We all talk to ourselves …all the time”. In my head I caught myself saying, “no, we don’t”. 

As I’ve gotten better at becoming aware of my thoughts, I’ve noticed that I tend to think about the same things. Like a music playlist on repeat, sometimes it is this constant loop that I swear is just taunting me about my insecurities and worries. Michigan State University Extension’s Stress Less with Mindfulness states that 90 percent of our thoughts are the same ones we have had before (Millet, 2017). 90% seems a little excessive, but, I’m not here to argue the research. I think it’s just an interesting point to ponder – that a large proportion of our thoughts are on repeat.

How annoying is that? Actually, how BORING is that? Not only are you probably not aware of the thoughts that you’re having, your autopilot is just free-flowing and you don’t even express new ideas. No wonder it is so easy to feel like we are in a rut sometimes. It’s like playing the same sad song over and over – which just makes you even more sad each time you hear it.

You may be asking yourself, how can I take control of my thoughts, when I don’t even know what the ef I am saying to myself? 

Well, this is where I chime in to tell you about our new Mindfulness Series. It’s a program designed for you to not only stretch your body, but stretch your mind!

 It is an opportunity for you to practice paying attention, practice noticing where your thoughts go, practice noticing how you are feeling. A lot of practice. And a lot of noticing.

Awareness is the gateway to change. And when you start to cultivate more awareness…. Oh the places you’ll go (or won’t go…I guess it depends what is best for you).