Two monks walk into a bar…

Okay, it’s not really a joke like that. It’s more of a story:

Two monks were traveling together in a heavy downpour when they came upon a beautiful woman in a silk Kimono who was having trouble crossing a muddy intersection.

“Come on”, said the first monk to the woman and he carried her into his arms to a dry spot.

The second monk didn’t say anything until much later. Finally, he said, “we monks don’t go near females, why did you do that?”

The first monk replied, “I left that woman back there, are you still carrying her?

(As told by Phil Jackson in Sacred Hoops)

I really like this story because it talks about the importance of letting go of thoughts so they don’t weigh us down. If you had a poor performance, take the lessons that you learned from conducting a debrief, but then you must “set those thoughts down”.

It does us no good to keep ruminating on things over and over, especially if it is a poor performance that you can no longer do anything about. Much easier said than done (speaking from the experience of being a ruminator).

But, after a while you will find that holding on to those thoughts can really weigh you down (mentally).

Take the lessons learned and then set down the rest and let it go.

I remember being in a school assembly when I was younger and a motivational speaker was talking to us about stress management. The speaker told a story about holding a glass of water. He asked the audience how heavy we thought the glass of water was and if that would affect how long he could hold it out in front of himself, with an outstretched arm. He went on to say that the weight doesn’t matter, it’s how long he holds it. Even a weight that seems insignificant will be hard to hold overtime.

The moral of the story is that even what seems to be small stressors throughout the day, if you hold onto them, they become heavy overtime – burdening us.

So, if you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed from your day – don’t forget to put the glass down. And if you DO forget, hopefully you are lucky enough to have someone in your life that reminds you.

Until next week!