What Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are really great at.

People used to say that time is our most valuable resource; we can’t get enough of it and we can’t ever get it back.

But NOW I am starting to hear (and think) that our focus and attention are our most valuable resource. (Or, at least just as important, if not intertwined with time).

Do you know what Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are really great at? 

Keeping your attention. 

Before you know it, you’re an hour deep into conspiracy theories, videos of dogs being rescued, or just scrolling – seeing everyone else living their best life.

Businesses make sales with your attention. Facebook makes money…with your attention. Advertisers make you feel “less than”…with your attention. 

But, do you know what also happens with your attention?

Relationships are created and fostered… with your attention.

New habits are formed and current habits are kept… with your attention.

Homework, work-work, or housework are completed… with your attention.

That book you’re wanting to finish is completed… with your attention.

High performance and goals are met… with your attention.

So, then the questions become:

 Are you in control (or even aware) of what you spend the majority of your attention on?

Do you have the mental skills that allow you to “reset” your focus?

Are you able to recognize if your attention is resting on something that is going to help you be the best you? Or – something that leaves you wondering where the last hour went, why your bank account is empty, or how you managed to crush a Costco-sized bag of Mini Eggs?

Let me repeat one of those questions (you probably weren’t paying attention anyway): 

Do you have the SKILL to reset and refocus? 

Because we are in control of our focus… or at least we can be.

“Each moment missed is a moment unlived” – Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Stretch your Mind.

Stretch your Body.

Stretch your Potential.

See you on your mat!